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C-60 White Lock Gear Treatment

Want to have a clear and translucent skin?

C-60 White Lock Gear Treatment owns a scientific formula in refining of Glutathione and Fullerene, in combined with the rice extracts, formed a special complexation that restore skin brightness and clearness.


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Antigen Shield Moisture Replenish Treatment

Antigen Shield Moisture

Replenish Treatment

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Insufficient sleep or poor physical condition would naturally affect the immune system, causing skin to be allergic. The skin’s immune system relies mainly on Langerhans cells, a defense cell that protects the epidermis from external damage. The number of Langerhans cells decrease and slowing down can damage the skin’s defense system, resulting in sensitive skin and skin susceptible to infection.


β-Glucan is an organic molecule of polysaccharides that stimulates macrophages and lymphocytes, effectively repairs damaged Langerhans cells, proliferates new cells, enhances the immune system to promote defense functions, and simultaneously soothes and repair protects the skin, thus it improves the sensitive phenomenon and restores healthy skin.

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Ocean Sodium PCA

Ocean Sodium PCA Hydration Rejuvenating Treatment

After six years research, Dr Zenith successfully developed the Ocean Sodium PCA Hydration Rejuvenating Treatment. The use of exclusive imitation membrane technology ensure that the active ingredient quickly and completely pumped into the under layer of the skin. It accelerates the metabolism of the skin and the results are confirmed by the Dermatology team, it makes you feel medical knowledge + hi-technology brings you the safest, most effective skin treatment.

Eyes Lifting Miracle Professional Set

Eyes Lifting Miracle Professional Set

"Anti-wrinkle & Whitening & Nutrition"

It activates the cells regeneration and renewal, resulting skin to look younger, lifted, moisturized and vitalized, and facial contours are more defined.

Genetic Activation Intensive Treatment

Genetic Activation Intensive Treatment

"Repairing · Maintain · Improve"

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