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Step 1: Slow Down


Black Killer Solution (DZH14A)

Effects: It active natural, non-irritating formula can slow down re-pigmentation, and dilute melanin. It also makes the skin tone more uniform; lay a heathy skin foundation for the subsequent anti-oxidation and whitening treatment.Ingredients: Aqua, Vitamin B, Rice Extracts, Licorice Root Extracts, Lactic Acid, Green Tea Extracts, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

Direction: Apply on face, and massage for approximately 15 minutes. Rinse afterward.

Ingredients: Aqua, Vitamin B, Rice Extracts, Licorice Root Extracts, Lactic Acid, Green Tea Extracts, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid

Big Leaf

C-60 White Lock Gear Treatment

C-60 White Lock Gear Treatment



Want to have a clear and translucent skin?

C-60 White Lock Gear Treatment owns a scientific formula in refining of Glutathione and Fullerene, in combined with the rice extracts, formed a special complexation that restore skin brightness and clearness.


The unique whitening technology is like a “white filter”, which can lock the skin initial colour tone, continuously release whitening element that block the melanin formation, and form an invisible protective barrier to stabilize the skin condition;  therefore, the active whitening ingredients can effectively further bright up the skin, leaving skin looks natural and lustrous.

Green Painted Ribbon
Green Painted Ribbon
Green Painted Ribbon


It is known as GSH, is kind of tripeptide, composed of glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. It exists inside water-filled cells in animal and plant as an antioxidant, and protects DNA from oxidation. Glutathione exists in two forms in human body, one is a recover form, and the other is an oxidized form.

Glutathione is a very important antioxidant in the human body. It is often being called “the mother of antioxidants”.


It is a hollow molecule composed entirely of carbon, which is spherical, ellipsoidal, columnar or tubular shape. It has a similar structure as a soccer ball, which contains 60 carbon atoms; hence, it is also named as C-60. 

The fullerene molecules are present in nature, and even in the galaxy. Scientists discovered the presence of fullerenes in outer space in 2010 through the Spitzer Space Telescope, which may imply which provide the seeds of life for the earth.


Rice skin care is raised up from Japan. Researches proved white rice after being fermented, will produce a variety of nutrients such as amino acid, ceramide, vitamins, and minerals, which can effectively improve the dryness of skin and reduce fine lines.

Japan Asahi University conducted an experiment discovered the ceramide extracts from the rice bran has been found to inhibit 29% of melanin production. Also, rice has mild whitening function, and it is a safer alternative to other whitening ingredients, that will not lead to irritation. Moreover, it has excellent antioxidant value with whitening function, as well as defense against UV lights.

Step 2: Eliminate the Pigment


GSH Tripeptide Serum (DZH14B)

Effects: It continuously release whitening elements into underlying skin. It can effectively dilute melanin, eliminate pigmentation, enhance skin brightness and delay aging. It provide moisture to cuticle, skin appears to be suppled and lustrous. It is a medical-grade use beauty solution that will not irritate skin, and it can be used for skin repair, recover, prevent inflammatory and pigmentation; restore soft, bright and flawless skin.

Direction: Use an ultrasonic machine to massage for approximately 15 minutes.

Ingredients: Glutathione, Licorice Extracts, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, Bearberry Extracts, Lemongrass Extracts

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Step 3: Brighten Up Dull, and Fragile Skin

Banana Leaf


Rice Antioxidant Whitening Mask (DZH14C)

Ingredients: Aqua, Rice Extracts, Licorice Extracts, Seaweed Extracts, Xylitol, Sodium PCA, Bisabolol, Cucumber Extracts, Resveratrol, Yeast Extracts


C60 Atoms Powder (DZH14D)


Ingredients: Aqua, Fullerene Extracts, Tranexamic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cactus Extracts, Hyaluronic Acid


Direction: Apply on face, and massage for approximately 15 minutes. Rinse afterward.



While the free radicals are generated by metabolism, UV rays, pressure, and external pollution, the mask has a super antioxidant power. It is like a soccer-shaped magnet that can absorb free radicals through molecular level while rotate in high speed, playing a “free radical scavenger” role in skin. 


Besides it can absorb and remove free radicals, has excellent anti-oxidation effects, its has powerful whitening function, inhibits inflammation, effectively reduce melanin formation, activates fibroblasts, promote collagen proliferation, and improve fine lines, sagging, dullness and spots; leaving skin healthy and beautiful from inside out.

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Many are turning to the active skin lightening and healing nourishment of the wondrous Stone Crop plant, an ancient beautifying succulent similar to Aloe Vera.



Stone Crop Collection


The Stone Crop plant has potent abilities, and besides hydrating and nourishing your skin, it has the fantastic ability to correct pigmentation and heal skin. Hungarian beauty treatments have been incorporating this incredible ingredient for decades, and now the Eminence Stone Crop Collection means you too can benefit from its healing and skin calming effects.

For sensitive and rosacea prone skin


Even the most sensitive skin types prone to the signs of irritation will love the Stone Crop Collection; also excellent for minimizing the appearance of blemishes and redness, imparting a healthy complexion.

Stone Crop – For damaged and dry skin


The active phyto-nutrients, antioxidants and plant lipids in the Stone Crop Collection effectively plump-up the skin structure and protect it from the damaging and drying effects of the environment. Herbalists of centuries past have called upon Stone Crop’s ultra-healing properties and intense succulent nectar to heal skin irritations, bumps, nicks and even warts! The actives in the Stone Crop Collection doesn’t stop there though; Stone Crop is versatile enough to come to the rescue of men’s shaving irritations, healing cuts and in- grown hairs with a light touch and a fresh, clean scent.


Stone Crop

– As a Skin Lightener

Stone Crop lightens pigmentation and spots, whether they are old, new, pregnancy related or as a result of sun damage. Our skin colour is formed by special cells located in the basal layer called melanocytes which produce the skin’s pigment material; melanin. When we are exposed to sunlight, the UV radiation produces more melanin and discharges it to the upper skin layers to protect the skin from UV damage. The balance of pigment production process can be altered by stress, skin problems, pregnancy or hormonal changes; resulting in an uneven skin colour and complexion.


Herbal actives like the Stone Crop can actually slow down the re-pigmentation, rather than lightening the skin, so not to destroy melanin already existing in the skin. This is why the Stone Crop Collection takes time for you to see the lightening effect, because it takes time to shed the skin layers that are darker, being rich in melanin pigments. It’s a far friendlier approach to the skin than oxidizing or destroying the pigments by chemical treatments, and using the organic and natural actives of the Stone Crop will give you lighter and more even coloured skin tone.

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