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Dr.Z Series

Whitening Cream: It can inhibit melanin formation in underlying skin, repair skin pigmentation problem; skin tone will become whiten and uniform when continuous use.

Moisturizing Gel: It can replenish moisture in skin, restore pores meticulous, smoothen skin and immediate fine pores. Also, it balances the oil secretion in skin and therefore gently supple skin cell to maintain a healthy skin cell life cycle.

Cream + Gel (for night): It helps to relieve pressure on skin, enhance cells regrowth; nourishing skin all night long and therefore a lustering skin tone after wake up.


Switzerland Spring Water, Squalene Extracts, Micro Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter Extracts, Red Algae Extracts, Aloe Extracts, Snow Lotus Extracts, Lily Extracts, Edelweiss Extracts, Plant Stem Cells, Lemon Extracts, Vitamin B3, B5 & C

How to Use

Daily Care: After cleansing, apply appropriate amount of cream on face if desiring to achieve a whiten and nourishing result, or apply the gel on face if desire for a moisture reinforcement, gently massage will help to absorb more effectively.

Weekly Care: After cleansing, use a stick to pull appropriate amount of gel and cream respectively on hand. Mix them together and apply evenly on the whole face before sleep. Rinse after in the next morning.


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