3-Step Treatment


Cell Brightening Intensive Serum

Refine the skin surface for a lustrous look and provides generous moisture for optimum clarity, while preventing and diminishing visible dark spots, prevent skin dullness.

Nano-Tech Whitening Mask

Advanced nano formula that brighten, hydrates, and smooths the outlook of skin.

Molecular Lightening Cream

Diminish the appearance of dark spots while brightening skin.


Cell Brightening Intensive Serum: Aqua (Water), Honeysuckle Flower Extracts, Grapefruit Extracts, Centella Extracts, Betula Alba Bud Extracts, Hazel Bud Extracts, Olive Bud Extracts, Walnut Leaf Extracts, Xanthan Gum

Nano-Tech Whitening Mask: Aqua (Water), Grapefruit Extracts, Sugar Maple Extracts, Xanthan Gum, Alcohol, Papaya Extracts

Molecular Lightening Cream: Glycerin, Arbutin, Niacinamide, Ginseng Root Extracts, Angelica Root Extracts, Licorice Root Extracts, Paeonia Albiflora Root Extracts, Chinensis Root Extracts, Nobilis Flower Extracts

How to Use

  1. Gently apply the serum over cleansed face.

  2. Apply the mask on face for 10-20 minutes and then remove it. Gently massage until the remaining essence absorbed.

  3. Gently apply the cream on face, gently massage until fully absorbed.


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